Year: 2019

Introduce Yourself!
Introduce Yourself!

Answer the questions below in comments and show your interests and hobbies. Let everyone know about you!

  1. What’s your name?
  2. In which class/grade and school do you read?
  3. What is you date of birth?
  4. How many siblings you have and at which position you fall?
  5. What’s your nationality? Also let us know the present living country.
  6. What’s your favourite Colour?
  7. Which subject you mostly enjoy to study?
  8. Have you ever secured top position in class or school?
  9. What do think about your studies? Are you extraordinary or an average student?
  10. What’s your favourite Fruit?
  11. What’s your favourite vegetable?
  12. What’s your favourite dish?
  13. What’s your Favourite sweet dish?
  14. Whish game you like the most to play?
  15. What are your hobbies?
  16. Which profession you like would to choose?
  17. Which is your favourite animal?
  18. Which season you enjoy?
  19. Which indoor game you like?
  20. Do you like board games? Name them.
  21. Who is your favourite teacher? Describe his/her subjects(s).
  22. Who is your best friend?
  23. Who is favourite player?
  24. Do you like to read favourite novels? Which is your favourite one?
  25. Who is your favourite writer?
  26. Do you think you are friendly and caring?
  27. What is your aim in life?
  28. Would you like to give any message for readers?
How to Become a Winner at MY PAGE?
How to Become a Winner at MY PAGE?

Winners are announced every month for their write-ups or drawings in MY PAGE. You would receive their prizes within a month. Please make sure you have updated your shipping address and cell number in My Profile. Don’t put your address and cell in About Me.

A criterion for selecting winners in My Page depends on different things. Age and grade level is considered while selecting their stuff so an average stuff by a member studying in lower grade could be preferred over a good stuff by a member in a higher grade. Comments by other members are not much considered for selecting winners but they are read in case if someone has mentioned any flaws like plagiarism etc. Copied stuff of someone else is removed from My Page. Drawings made with the hand are preferred but hard work in MS paint is also considered. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are not considered while selecting winners. However, mostly all the stuff is checked for mistakes when publishing on the website.

We are currently having a problem sending prizes out of Pakistan. Prizes include stationery stuff. Please provide any shipping address located in Pakistan if you want to receive prize but living outside the country. Cell number is also required for TCS courier service. You can also email your shipping address and cell to We try our best to send you prize as soon as possible.

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