By Hamza Danial

‘Meet your baby brother”. The baby looked like an angel from the outside but when I reached to him to pat him on the cheek. He bit my finger and didn’t stop. “Hold him for a while. Will you?  I will bring milk for him” Mom said handing me the baby. When I took him in my lap he started to pinch me and when I got angry, he responded with a giggle. After a while, my mother came with a feeder and gave it to me to feed the baby. As soon as I placed the feeder in his mouth, the baby sprinkled it all over my face. When my mother saw the milk on my face she blamed me that I drank all the milk because some milk went in my mouth and in my nose too.  All I could do was to stare at the baby because my mother was in front of me and the baby responded with a giggle again!