What is vshineworld?

VShineworld.com is a website which contains safe material for kids. You can see new things on VShineworld.com. There are interesting activities, stories, poems, jokes, discussion forum, and Monthly V SHINE International magazine.

Segment of Activities is visited largely by kids. Kids ask questions about their studies, health and social problems at UNCLE SHINE and get satisfied. MY PAGE is another busy segment at website which enhances kids’ talents of writing and creativity.

Kids can go through VShineworld.com safely and all material submitted by members is approved before getting published on the website.

Where can I update my complete profile and upload my picture?

Click on My Account at top left of the page. Here you’ll find account settings section. You can update profile in detail, choose your hobbies and tell about yourself in ABOUT ME. But don’t write your email address or any other social network username or information. Remember your picture and profile both are subjected to approval. Try to submit your own decent picture and avoid celebrities.

Where can I find Monthly V SHINE International magazine?

Monthly V SHINE International is available at bookstalls in major cities of Pakistan. You can email us for getting magazines in other countries.